Jennifer Short

I have only lost 4 kgs since both my photos were taken but clearly I have toned up and lost a lot around the waist (well over 8 cm since I’ve joined up). 

What I have got out of fitness however is more than just a change to my appearance. It’s my place where I tune out from everything that is going on in life. Funny I was only telling my partner about this last week- I said to him that I couldn’t understand why the one place I find my zen is where I’m putting my body through so much pain. When I had that cold for a few days and I couldn’t come in, I got really down. I never thought I would crave gym. It boosts my attitude and changes the way I perceive many challenges in life- from a ‘That’s not possible’ approach to a ‘I can do it’ approach (or at the very least ‘I will try’).

Surprisingly, gym has also given me a huge injection of energy. Weird, given I actually get less sleep now because I’m either up when it’s still dark to squeeze in a workout before work, or going to bed late because I’m still charged from an after work workout. 

As for the WPC facility and team- where do I start. I get excited about going to the WPC facility. I love the programmes (except for inverted rows) and the challenges. Although I’ve gone to other gyms, I’ve never heard or done half of the exercises before. The weekly woww workout keeps it interesting. The warrior team is outstanding. They push me when I need it, to a point that is uncomfortable but still achievable. The entire WPC team compliment each other on the floor and are always nearby to help out. 

There is no way I could have achieved what I have without the Warrior team. Thank for changing my physical appearance and more importantly, a more confident and happy person.