Special Sessions/Events
Runs/Broken Runs
 These will be set distances which will be set a week prior to the run to ensure you have a little idea of the length before hand.  A broken run will involve the run being broken at certain distances and a set exercise performed mid way through e.g Deadball Slams or burpees
Member Appreciation Days
 This is our way of thanking our members for their continued support of us and our facility.  These involve no exercise but a relaxing chance to meet new friends and discuss the training with old ones all in the comfort of one of the local catering venues around the city.  Fun to be had by all 
Health and Wellness Seminars
 Every month the team at warrior will conduct a seminar to help you achieve your goals and keep you on track.  These range from diet talks, goal setting and exercise demonstration.
Monster Team WWOW’s
Everything about this is Monster – large groups and longer time which is generally 45 mins plus.   Great place to burn some calories and meet new friends.